Aerial Drone Inspection

RoofPro Tech Piloting the Aerial Drone Camera

Among the many diagnostic tools our technicians use is the Aerial Drone. This quadcopter is equipped with an ultra high resolution video and static camera mounted to a stabilizing gimbal.

What this means is that within 120 seconds we can have our nifty little aircraft in the air and inspecting the hard (and dangerous) to reach points of your roof and chimney. This eye-in-the-sky feeds back live video for the technician to view and records 4k video/12.5 mp photo to an sd card for later review.

Aerial Drone getting a close-up look at a chimney cap

Once the technician has landed the drone, the technician can assess more thoroughly by uploading the video and photos taken to a tablet or laptop. In most cases, the technician will be able to determine a repair recommendation within a few minutes and review the photos with you.

Aerial Drone view of Chimney cap in need of maintenance service.
Aerial Drone view of Chimney cap in need of maintenance service.

This allows us to safely inspect the chimney cap/rooftop AND safely bring it down for you to see as well. Our customers appreciate that they don’t have to take our word for it when we report the condition of their roof or chimney; they can see it for themselves!

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