Lemme Guess…Your Attic is HOT

Yeah, if you live in the S.E. United States, then your attic is likely reaching temperatures close to 200 degree F nearly every day April to September.  RoofPro Advisor is on the frontline of helping to reduce attic heat for our customers for a number of reasons. Attic heat can drastically shorten the life of the shingles (causing blistering and degranulation) as well as contribute to the work load of HVAC systems in a home, so many of our customers are deeply driven to reduce the heat in their attic space.

Even when equipped with properly installed ridge vent, static vents, and/or exhaust power fan, we commonly see symptoms of excessive heat on the roofs we walk.  The fact is, the exhaust fans are often installed in such a fashion that they are highly INEFFECTIVE and the static/ridge vent product are often not substantial enough.

RoofPro Advisor Technicians are among the few who have access to and the knowledge base to install intake ventilation power fan(s) on your roof to effectively and drastically reduce your attic temperatures using outside air!

If you’d like to learn more about how to reduce the heat in your attic, just fill out the “get and estimate” form or call us at 770-897-3000