The 2 Kinds of Leaks

As a roofing repair technician, Jim P. of RoofPro Advisor can tell you that the vast majority of roof system leaks are a result of either deferred maintenance or improper installation, but at the end of the day, you can put the leaks themselves into two categories; structural and visible leaks.

Visible leaks are easy–easy to spot, that is. Basically, once you see water on your floor, wall, or ceiling, the leak is clearly visible at this point.

Structural leaks, on the other hand, can be difficult to spot and find. And every visible leak is also structural. One of the reasons is because they seem asymptomatic–often homeowners incorrectly assume that because they do not see water or staining from water that they do not have a leak. A structural leak is occurring any time water is able to penetrate the roof system. Often the water comes in contact with wood which will slowly rot from inside. Other times the water will enter from a plumbing boot and ride the vent pipe back behind the wall where it can cause toxic mold and mildew in the home. And yet other times it may penetrate a rusty mechanical vent and wreak havoc on the internal workings of the attached appliance, such as an HVAC furnace.

Given enough time, a structural leak is likely to become visible, also, and fixing the leak sooner rather than later is critical because less water coming in means less damage over time, which equates to more expensive repair coats. So, don’t wait around–if your roof is over 5 years old and has NOT received maintenance service to it, call us today so we can help you ensure that your roof remains free of structural leaks resulting from improper installations and neglected maintenance.

The key to getting a lot of life from your roof is just like the key to getting a lot of life out of your car: Perform timely maintenance and repairs amd have a good technician on the case. Remember that your shingle is designed to last 20-35 years, but you must make sure that any failures (like adhesion failures) are checked for/repaired on a regular basis. And just as you’ll need to replace things like belts and tires on your car from time to time, you’ll need to replace rubber/neoprene gaskets as well as sealants or damaged shingles (to name only a few) on your roofing system over time.

Its a good idea to have your roof throughly inspected at least every 36 to 72 months by a qualified Roofing Technician–hint–this is a person who make a living doing roof repairs rather than a commissioned sales person.

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