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Atlanta’s BEST DEAL Roof Tune-Up



Every roof in Atlanta should be inspected and serviced as needed every 3-5 years. Failing to do maintenance on certain elements of your roof is like failing to change your tires on your car when they are bald. It’s a good idea to stay AHEAD of potential problems with your roof.

RoofPRO Advisor is excited to bring this service to our friends, family, and previous customers. We also invite you to share the opportunity with your friends and family, too, with this TREMENDOUS savings. This offer is good if you book your visit before the end of June 2019, but WE ONLY HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE.

This RoofPRO Advisor Tune-up Package is normally a $995, which I am making available for just $395.
Keep in mind that failing to do these services on your roof WILL lead to more much more expensive leaks and damage eventually. The average cost of a roof repair in Atlanta is somewhere between $495 and $995 depending on how major or minor (although sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less. Spending $395 now not only saves you over $500 on the services, but will EASILY save you from $1000s in roof leaks and damage later on.

RoofPRO Advisor Tune-Up Special Includes:
-Maintenance Service on Up to 3 Plumbing Boots (renail, reseal, install solar/rain diversion collar, and paint)
-Maintenance Service on up to 2 Mechanical Vents (treat rust with RustReformer, renail, replace broken/dried sealants, and paint)
-Reseal Exposed Nails
-Renail and reseal up to 10 lifted or fish-mouthed shingles/tabs
-You pay when the job is complete!

— We Accept: Cash, Check, Visa, MC, AMEX, Disc, Web & Paypal Payments —

(note: some roof pitches and types may not qualify for this package. Your RoofPRO Technician will let you know if this is the case)