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Every roof in Atlanta should be inspected and serviced as needed every 3-5 years. Failing to do maintenance on certain elements of your roof is like failing to change your tires on your car when they are bald. It’s a good idea to stay AHEAD of potential problems with your roof.

RoofPRO Advisor is excited to bring this service to our friends, family, and previous customers. We also invite you to share the opportunity with your friends and family, too, with this TREMENDOUS savings. This offer is good if you book your visit before the end of June 2019, but WE ONLY HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE.

This RoofPRO Advisor Tune-up Package is normally a $995, which I am making available for just $395.
Keep in mind that failing to do these services on your roof WILL lead to more much more expensive leaks and damage eventually. The average cost of a roof repair in Atlanta is somewhere between $495 and $995 depending on how major or minor (although sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less. Spending $395 now not only saves you over $500 on the services, but will EASILY save you from $1000s in roof leaks and damage later on.

RoofPRO Advisor Tune-Up Special Includes:
-Maintenance Service on Up to 3 Plumbing Boots (renail, reseal, install solar/rain diversion collar, and paint)
-Maintenance Service on up to 2 Mechanical Vents (treat rust with RustReformer, renail, replace broken/dried sealants, and paint)
-Reseal Exposed Nails
-Renail and reseal up to 10 lifted or fish-mouthed shingles/tabs
-You pay when the job is complete!

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(note: some roof pitches and types may not qualify for this package. Your RoofPRO Technician will let you know if this is the case)


Lemme Guess…Your Attic is HOT

Yeah, if you live in the S.E. United States, then your attic is likely reaching temperatures close to 200 degree F nearly every day April to September.  RoofPro Advisor is on the frontline of helping to reduce attic heat for our customers for a number of reasons. Attic heat can drastically shorten the life of the shingles (causing blistering and degranulation) as well as contribute to the work load of HVAC systems in a home, so many of our customers are deeply driven to reduce the heat in their attic space.

Even when equipped with properly installed ridge vent, static vents, and/or exhaust power fan, we commonly see symptoms of excessive heat on the roofs we walk.  The fact is, the exhaust fans are often installed in such a fashion that they are highly INEFFECTIVE and the static/ridge vent product are often not substantial enough.

RoofPro Advisor Technicians are among the few who have access to and the knowledge base to install intake ventilation power fan(s) on your roof to effectively and drastically reduce your attic temperatures using outside air!

If you’d like to learn more about how to reduce the heat in your attic, just fill out the “get and estimate” form or call us at 770-897-3000

Wait, you mean my roof needs maintenance…?

Most asphalt shingle roof systems in the S.E. United States are constructed of a 25 year three-tab shingle or a 35 year architectural shingle in the southeast, however, there are numerous other maintenance points throughout roof system including plumbing vent boots, mechanical vent stacks, attic static vents, power vents, chimney cap/rain pans, sealant, and many more which require regular inspection and attention on an as-needed basis.

It’s a good idea to put a trained eye on these points every three to five years and inspect them.

Here are just a few examples of common maintenance areas:

Moss & lichen growth should be remediated right away to prevent shortening of the shingle life.
Fig 1. Moss & lichen growth should be remediated right away to prevent shortening of the shingle life.

(Fig. 1 ) Moss, Mildew, & Lichens commonly grow on shingles beneath overhanging tree limbs and vegetation.  Removal and prevention of regrowth is critical to keep your shingles in good shape for a long time!

lifted shingle from protruding nail
Fig. 2 Lifted shingle from protruding nail

(Fig. 2) When the winds of time cause a nail to back out beneath the shingle, it can cause several problems. One is that the shingle is no longer correctly adhered to the tab below it, two is that the nail may cause a hole in the tab above it, or the lifted tab may be ripped off by wind. It’s important to ensure that these nailes/tabs are correctly re-nailed and re-sealed.

cracked plumb boot
Fig. 3 Plumbing Boot deteriorated by UV, heat, and deferred maintenance.

(Fig. 3) While your shingles are designed to last 20-35 years (in most cases), these plumbing boots (common to 90%+ of homes) will typically fail in 5-7 years, are generally not installed/sealed correctly to begin with, and are among THE most common leak causes.

sealant maintenance required on exposed nails
Fig. 4 Sealant maintenance required on exposed nails.

(Fig. 4) At the ridge (very peak of the roof), it’s common that there will be a couple of shingles with exposed nails. Generally, these are the ONLY nails you would expect to find exposed on a shingle, so they require a UV resistant roofing sealant to be applied over top. Unfortunately, these sealants will need to be replaced every 1-5 years.

rusted mech vent
Fig. 5 Rusted Mechancical Vent Stack

(Fig. 5) Everyone knows that rust on your home is a bad thing. Literally, there is never a time that you want to see rust on your home, especially on the roof system. Because these mechanical vents are designed to work with appliances like water heaters, stove top vents, and furnaces, a leak is likely to result in water coming into the appliance it is attached to, in addition to the wood around it.

Aerial Drone Inspection

RoofPro Tech Piloting the Aerial Drone Camera

Among the many diagnostic tools our technicians use is the Aerial Drone. This quadcopter is equipped with an ultra high resolution video and static camera mounted to a stabilizing gimbal.

What this means is that within 120 seconds we can have our nifty little aircraft in the air and inspecting the hard (and dangerous) to reach points of your roof and chimney. This eye-in-the-sky feeds back live video for the technician to view and records 4k video/12.5 mp photo to an sd card for later review.

Aerial Drone getting a close-up look at a chimney cap

Once the technician has landed the drone, the technician can assess more thoroughly by uploading the video and photos taken to a tablet or laptop. In most cases, the technician will be able to determine a repair recommendation within a few minutes and review the photos with you.

Aerial Drone view of Chimney cap in need of maintenance service.
Aerial Drone view of Chimney cap in need of maintenance service.

This allows us to safely inspect the chimney cap/rooftop AND safely bring it down for you to see as well. Our customers appreciate that they don’t have to take our word for it when we report the condition of their roof or chimney; they can see it for themselves!